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Event: Folsom Street Fair
Venue: Folsom Street
Date: 09/23/2012
Description: World's largest leather event
Event Hours: 11:00 am to 6:00 pm
Information: Thank you for choosing to volunteer at Folsom Street Fair! This is our very first time being a Major Beneficiary for this event and we are very thankful for your help! Volunteer responsibilities : 1. Show up and work assigned shifts 2. Attend a Volunteer orientation- this is required for all volunteers even if you have worked the fair before!

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ID Date Start Time End Time Needed
14 Sunday-9/23/2012 5am 1pm 1
33 Sunday-9/23/2012 8 am 1 pm 38
34 Sunday-9/23/2012 10 am 2 pm 36
35 Sunday-9/23/2012 12 pm 4 pm 38
36 Sunday-9/23/2012 2 pm 7 pm 37
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ABC Trainings
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ID Date Start Time End Time Location
7 Thursday - 9/13/2012 7 pm TBD
8 Saturday - 9/15/2012 1 pm TBD
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