AIDS Housing Alliance / San Francisco


Past Successes

NO FAST PASS TO EVICTION - Unanimously passed legislation aimed at curbing the use of Ellis Act evictions against people with HIV/AIDS, seniors, and other disabled renters. This legislation gave landlords in buildings that do not target these vulnerable protected groups 'first dibs' at the condo conversion lottery.

LGBT SENIOR HOUSING - Worked with Supervisor Ross Mirkarimi and Housing Rights Committee to ensure that San Francisco's first LGBT senior housing - being built on public land - was reprogrammed from the planned market rate housing for high-income households to 100% affordable.

COMPREHENSIVE HIV/AIDS HOUSING PLAN - Lobbied Board of Supervisors to sponsor enabling legislation to create San Francisco's Comprehensive HIV/AIDS Housing Plan. Leveraged that plan to include a strong housing component in the first-ever National AIDS Strategy. See article.

BOARD OF SUPERVISORS CANDIDATES HIV COMMUNITY FORUM - Sponsored and led the first ever Board of Supervisors Candidates Listening Session on HIV/AIDS, featuring a panel of all HIV+ community leaders with executive level experience.

SAVE ADAP RALLY - Organized 7 busses of activists to attend rally in Sacramento to protest ADAP cuts.

INCLUSIONARY HOUSING PROGRAM - Participated in workgroup that assembled recommendations for revisions to San Francisco's Inclusionary Zoning Ordinance that mandated developers include a minimum set-aside of affordable housing in all new developments.

HIV HOUSING CITY HALL PROTEST - Organized protest at City Hall to draw attention to the fact that the AIDS community had lost one-third of our HIV housing slots and that there had been a radical re-alignment of the remainder from full rental subsidies to shallow subsidies that forced people into substandard housing. Supervisor Chris Daly responded to our call and added $1 million dollars to the San Francisco budget for us, the largest single expansion of HIV housing from the General Fund in the history of San Francisco. We gave these funds to our sister agencies --- who were not at our rally.