AIDS Housing Alliance / San Francisco


Current Efforts

NATIONAL AIDS STRATEGY:  AIDS Housing Alliance/SF was involved in the creation of the first ever National AIDS Strategy called for by President Obama. Over the coming years, we will focus efforts on ensuring San Francisco's compliance with the milestones and outcomes called for by the Administration, with particular attention to the President's call for 86% of people with HIV/AIDS to have stable housing by 2015.

LGBT SHELTER: We are working Housing Rights Committee of San Francisco, the Coalition on Homelessness, and the Board of Supervisors to create the first LGBT-focused shelter in San Francisco. LGBT folks are being targeted for hate crimes in the City shelter system. We've been holding hearings for a decade on the issue. The time for talk is over. We must have a safe place for homeless LGBT folks now.

ENDING HIV APARTHEID IN EMPLOYMENT: We will continue our advocacy for the City to fund the 100 subsidized, supported employment opportunities called for in the San Francisco Board of Supervisors Comprehensive HIV/AIDS Housing Plan. We will advocate with HIV/AIDS organizations to set aside 20% of their total salary dollars into positions that are accessible to disabled people with HIV/AIDS. Refusing to create positions that disabled people can access while maintaining health insurance is purposefully setting the bar so high as to have the same effect as having a written policy discriminating against disabled people with AIDS in hiring. The outcome is the same: disabled people with AIDS aren't getting jobs in our own AIDS organizations. This system of HIV apartheid must end. 60% of HIVers in San Francisco are homeless while others are living comfortably off of jobs serving us.  Give us a job and the housing will take care of itself.

RENT CONTROL - Every year the well financed landlord lobby puts anti-tenant legislation on the ballot. We will always be there to oppose these land grab entitlement programs for the wealthy. Rent control is the largest and most successful anti-homelessness, anti-poverty, and HIV prevention program in the City.  It's protection is sacrosanct. In fact, it must be expanded to include vacancy control and other measures aimed at curbing tenant displacement for real estate speculation. We must speak the truth: Any AIDS organization that does not vigorously promote rent control is not a true friend to the AIDS community. Organizations that are silent on rent control -- we will take Dr. Kings words to heart about the silence of our friends. Any AIDS organization whose leaders work to undermine rent control are a disease upon the AIDS community and should be treated as such.