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The Bay Area Reporter
AIDS Housing Agency Changes Name
by David-Elijah Nahmod
May 5th 2016

For the past 13 years, AIDS Housing Alliance/San Francisco has provided rental subsidies and help with back rent, among other services, for low-income people living with HIV/AIDS. On May 1, AHA co-founder Brian Basinger announced that the organization would be known as the Q Foundation going forward.

POZ Magazine
Building access to a place you can afford
by Patrick Letellier
October 2005

San Francisco HIVer Brian Basinger, 38, knew his Sustiva combo could induce some odd dreams, but nothing prepared him for a late-night house call from God. “You must organize housing for people with HIV,” the Almighty boomed in 2004. And so it came to pass that less than six weeks later, Basinger, a former marketing manager, and his positive partner, James Nykolay, 39, had put their disability checks toward starting  AIDS Housing Alliance/San Francisco (AHA/SF). People lined up—and today he has helped hundreds find homes.

Most vulnerable homeless sector seeks shelter
By Krystal Peak

Within the homeless community there are invisible subgroups that face even greater disadvantages and larger stumbling blocks –monolingual Spanish speakers, gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgendered individuals, and persons infected with HIV. Now efforts are being made to give them the resources they need.

San Francisco Bay Guardian
The AIDS eviction capital
By Tommi Avicolli Mecca and Brian Basinger

IN THE 1980S the Castro District was heralded as a model of compassionate caring for people with AIDS. Now it's the AIDS eviction capital of the world.

Everyday Activist
by Emily Alpert
August 25th 2005

Bay Times
AIDS Housing Alliance/SF Celebrates 5th Anniversary By Dennis McMillan
February 5th 2009

AIDS Housing Alliance/SF held its 5th Anniversary Extravaganza on Jan. 31 at the new BOC (Bar On Church), 198 Church Street. Funds raised will support the nonprofit’s programs, including housing referrals, emergency financial assistance, shelter for homeless people with HIV/AIDS, job training programs linked to transitional housing, and a public policy advocacy program. AIDS Housing Alliance/SF was joined by the award-winning Desperate Divas drag troupe.

Bay Area Reporter
AIDS Housing Alliance faces cuts
by Seth Hemmelgarn
May 1st 2008

After living in an RV for about nine months, alternating between San Francisco and Guerneville, Eric Swenson was introduced to AIDS Housing Alliance/SF, an agency that works to protect existing housing, provides resources to secure new housing, and promotes public policy for PWAs in the city.

SFGate  Articles

Tenants with HIV gain link to resources / Alliance tracks friendly landlords, roommates in S.F.
by Rona Marech, Chronicle Staff Writer
January 29th 2004

affordable housing units

Brian Basinger, left, kisses his boyfriend, James Nykolay, who fills his medicine container with AIDS medications. Basinger is starting the AIDS Housing Alliance to connect people with HIV and AIDS to friendly landlords and roommates. Chronicle photo by Lacy Atkins

Brian Basinger experienced housing discrimination firsthand last year when he helped his boyfriend look for a landlord with an available unit and a willingness to accept a disabled tenant with AIDS, a limited income and a Section 8 housing voucher.